It’s a Brand New Day for Your Brand.

Digital ads that drive in-store sales. Quantifiable sales lift from your marketing spend. Business intelligence that reaches beyond marketing and sales data.

MaxPoint provides it all by connecting your store-level inventory data and
point-of-sale data with your digital advertising.

Hyperlocal on a National Scale

Through our proprietary Digital Zip® technology, MaxPoint drives in-store purchases of your product by identifying neighborhoods that have the best customers for your products. Then, utilizing point-of-sale and inventory data, we identify specific stores – stores with the appropriate inventory levels – in those neighborhoods that will perform best for your program. When we designate these stores, we activate digital advertising in the surrounding neighborhoods and drive demand. We can do this on a local, regional, or national level. After that, we listen – to the stores. Each store tells a different story about how your product is doing. We can then adjust the advertising accordingly and immediately.

  • Define NeighborhoodsDefine
  • Identify StoresIdentify
  • Check InventoryCheck
  • Deliver MessagingDeliver
  • Drive In-Store SalesDrive
    In-Store Sales

We Deliver the Goods That Then Deliver Customers to Your Goods

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    Customers Ready to Engage

    By leveraging multiple layers of data—such as our proprietary purchase intent data and offline spending activity data–we are able to capture your ideal customers, without relying on cookies. Our proprietary Digital Zips ensure your message is delivered to consumers around the stores that matter who are ready to purchase your specific product.

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    Store-Connected Advertising

    By aligning shelf, sales, and marketing data, we help you integrate operational data into advertising decisions at the local store level to drive in-store sales.

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    Optimization & Real-Time Adjustments

    Your store-level inventory data and point-of-sale data have as much to say about your products as your customer interactions do. Maybe more. Once we activate your digital advertising we listen to the stores. Our automation engine is constantly working to further customize your program’s parameters, shifting advertising near those stores where it’s most needed.

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    Measurement & Insights

    From the moment your program begins, our automated, closed-loop platform learns from every store-level engagement. By listening to the data-driven stories of these individual stores, you can quantify the sales lift of every digital program you run. We provide valuable cross-team insights into metrics like halo effect, product cannibalization, and category lift to fuel future strategies.

The Many Ways of Maximizing MaxPoint

There are a number of ways MaxPoint’s capabilities can make the most of your efforts and marketing budget. From new product launches to supercharged promotions, MaxPoint identifies and applies insights well beyond the digital environment all on an individual store basis. MaxPoint delivers results for:

  • New Product Launches

    Increase your sales the minute your product hits the shelf, from the very first store to the very last store, by alerting your best customers and driving them to the store with the available product.

  • Shelf-Aware Advertising

    Excess or insufficient inventory at particular stores? Let your products inform and adjust your advertising to drive demand only when and where you need it.

  • Supercharged Promotion

    Communicate unique store-level offers, when available, to get people into their stores asking for your products.

  • Cross-Media Planning & Insights

    Inform your future multichannel programs based on the intelligence you gather during your MaxPoint programs.

The Who, Why, and How of In-Store Sales Success

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  • The MaxPoint Story

    MaxPoint provides a leading business intelligence and digital marketing solution that enables national brands to drive local, in-store sales. In fact, we have worked with 19 of the top 20 leading national advertisers, as ranked by Advertising Age, to deliver superior sales lift as a result of their digital marketing programs.

    Our software platform includes a proprietary combination of planning, monitoring, and learning, while providing performance measurement and program result adjustments in real time. With MaxPoint, you have the opportunity to precisely target neighborhoods that matter across the nation, deliver digital advertising to their residents and push those people into their local stores to buy your product. In other words: it’s hyperlocal targeting that generates demand.

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